About Oneworld

In 1998, Mr. Chen Decheng, Executive Director of Linkou Community Resource Center and the founder of Linkou Southeast Community Development Association, wanted to create a resource sharing platform on which people can spread love, exchanging materials and integrate resources.

In recent years, the ideas of Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurship has been very popular all over the world, forming a new citizen consciousness movement.  Mr. Chen Decheng realized that it was the time to carry out his dream and decided to do the preparatory work in the summer of 2016 for Linkou Community Resource Center. Finally, Linkou Community Resource Center has its grand opening on December 25, 2016.

Linkou Community Resource Center initially focuses on the following basic aspects: First, Community group-buying. Through the access of Community group-buying, community residents could gain daily necessities with inexpensive price. Second, Coding courses: training coding coaches, and includes developing Maker Lab and financial technology. Third, Multidisciplinary Classroom: Providing diversified courses in several fields, such as Coding, Robot-making, Financial Technology, Japanese-learning, Spiritual Growth.

The key elements of success of the Linkou Community Resource Center, not only the functional planning, but also enthusiastic people. We are expected to recruit a large number of volunteers to promote the Center of various services and functions; we also need business partners to work together to promote the latest model of community welfare platform– Linkou Community Resource Center, making a better future of Linkou.

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